Coming Soon: TORRO! NYC Skateboards

Blades is proud to announce we will be carrying TORRO! NYC Skateboards in the next week.

TORRO! Skateboards NYC, created by New York City native pofessional skateboarder and community advocate Rodney Torres is 100% New York City skateboarder owned and operated, Contributing to the growth and development of the skateboard community, while producing quality skateboard products, designed by skateboarders and made in the USA.

Skateboarding at large is a community of creative individuals who come together for a common goal, to SHRED. And it’s great to see people who appreciate this community so much that they go above and beyond to personally see the continuation of a sport that has brought them so much. With a team consisting of Leo Heinert and Joseph Delgado, I’d say these guys are off to a great start.

Promoting a positive, productive, and progressive lifestyle. New York and Worldwide.

Keep up with TORRO! Skateboards NYC on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.

TORRO! NYC Skateboard Decks

TORRO! NYC Skate T-Shirts

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